Version 1.0.0

Released on 2022-08-18.

Drop support of Python 2, only support Python 3.7+. This requires Flask >= 2.0.0 and WeasyPrint 43.0.

Resend cookies of the original request received by Flask if a request is then sent by WeasyPrint.

Version 0.6

Released on 2019-03-11.

Add an option to enable/disable automatic download.

Version 0.5

Released on 2015-03-27.

Don’t crash on URLs with no hostname, including ‘data:’ URLs.

Version 0.4

Released on 2013-06-13.

Add Python 3.3 support. This requires Flask >= 0.10 and Werkzeug >= 0.9.

Version 0.3

Released on 2013-02-27.

Fix Unicode %-encoded URLs.

Version 0.2

Released on 2012-07-23.

Add URL dispatchers and make Flask-WeasyPrint do the right thing with apps that use subdomains (when the SERVER_NAME config is set).

Version 0.1

Released on 2012-07-19.

First public release.