WeasyPrint changelog

Versions 0.42.x will only get simple bug fixes backported from the master branch. New features, opitimizations and complex bug fixes will only be added to the 43+ versions that don’t support Python 2 anymore.

Do not rely on future versions, development on the 0.x branch may be stopped at any moment.

Version 0.42.3

Released on 2018-03-27.

Bug fixes:

  • #583: Fix floating-point number error to fix floating box layout

  • #586: Don’t optimize resume_at when splitting lines with trailing spaces

  • #582: Fix table layout with no overflow

  • #580: Fix inline box breaking function

  • #576: Split replaced_min_content_width and replaced_max_content_width

  • #574: Respect text direction and don’t translate rtl columns twice

  • #569: Get only first line’s width of inline children to get linebox width

Version 0.42.2

Released on 2018-02-04.

Bug fixes:

  • #560: Fix a couple of crashes and endless loops when breaking lines.

Version 0.42.1

Released on 2018-02-01.

Bug fixes:

  • #566: Don’t crash when using @font-config.

  • #567: Fix text-indent with text-align: justify.

  • #465: Fix string(*, start).

  • #562: Handle named pages with pseudo-class.

  • #507: Fix running headers.

  • #557: Avoid infinite loops in inline_line_width.

  • #555: Fix margins, borders and padding in column layouts.

Version 0.42

Released on 2017-12-26.

WeasyPrint is not tested with (end-of-life) Python 3.3 anymore.

This release is probably the last version of the 0.x series.

Next version may include big changes:

  • end of Python 2.7 support,

  • initial support of bidirectional text,

  • initial support of flexbox,

  • improvements for speed and memory usage.

New features:

  • #532: Support relative file URIs when using CLI.

Bug fixes:

  • #553: Fix slow performance for pre-formatted boxes with a lot of children.

  • #409: Don’t crash when rendering some tables.

  • #39: Fix rendering of floats in inlines.

  • #301: Split lines carefully.

  • #530: Fix root when frozen with Pyinstaller.

  • #534: Handle SVGs containing images embedded as data URIs.

  • #360: Fix border-radius rendering problem with some PDF readers.

  • #525: Fix pipenv support.

  • #227: Smartly handle replaced boxes with percentage width in auto-width parents.

  • #520: Don’t ignore CSS @page rules that are imported by an @import rule.

Version 0.41

Released on 2017-10-05.

WeasyPrint now depends on pdfrw >= 0.4.

New features:

  • #471: Support page marks and bleed.

Bug fixes:

  • #513: Don’t crash on unsupported image-resolution values.

  • #506: Fix @font-face use with write_* methods.

  • #500: Improve readability of _select_source function.

  • #498: Use CSS prefixes as recommanded by the CSSWG.

  • #441: Fix rendering problems and crashes when using @font-face.

  • bb3a4db: Try to break pages after a block before trying to break inside it.

  • 1d1654c: Fix and test corner cases about named pages.


  • #508: Add missing libpangocairo dependency for Debian and Ubuntu.

  • a7b17fb: Add documentation on logged rendering steps.

Version 0.40

Released on 2017-08-17.

WeasyPrint now depends on cssselect2 instead of cssselect and lxml.

New features:

  • #57: Named pages.

  • Unprefix properties, see #498.

  • Add a “verbose” option logging the document generation steps.

Bug fixes:

  • #483: Fix slow performance with long pre-formatted texts.

  • #70: Improve speed and memory usage for long documents.

  • #487: Don’t crash on local() fonts with a space and no quotes.

Version 0.39

Released on 2017-06-24.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix the use of WeasyPrint’s URL fetcher with CairoSVG.

Version 0.38

Released on 2017-06-16.

Bug fixes:

  • #477: Don’t crash on font-face’s src attributes with local functions.

Version 0.37

Released on 2017-06-15.

WeasyPrint now depends on tinycss2 instead of tinycss.

New features:

  • #437: Support local links in generated PDFs.

Bug fixes:

  • #412: Use a NullHandler log handler when WeasyPrint is used as a library.

  • #417, #472: Don’t crash on some line breaks.

  • #327: Don’t crash with replaced elements with height set in percentages.

  • #467: Remove incorrect line breaks.

  • #446: Let the logging module do the string interpolation.

Version 0.36

Released on 2017-02-25.

New features:

  • #407: Handle ::first-letter.

  • #423: Warn user about broken cairo versions.

Bug fixes:

  • #411: Typos fixed in command-line help.

Version 0.35

Released on 2017-02-25.

Bug fixes:

  • #410: Fix AssertionError in split_text_box.

Version 0.34

Released on 2016-12-21.

Bug fixes:

  • #398: Honor the presentational_hints option for PDFs.

  • #399: Avoid CairoSVG-2.0.0rc* on Python 2.

  • #396: Correctly close files open by mkstemp.

  • #403: Cast the number of columns into int.

  • Fix multi-page multi-columns and add related tests.

Version 0.33

Released on 2016-11-28.

New features:

  • #393: Add tests on MacOS.

  • #370: Enable @font-face on MacOS.

Bug fixes:

  • #389: Always update resume_at when splitting lines.

  • #394: Don’t build universal wheels.

  • #388: Fix logic when finishing block formatting context.

Version 0.32

Released on 2016-11-17.

New features:

  • #28: Support @font-face on Linux.

  • Support CSS fonts level 3 almost entirely, including OpenType features.

  • #253: Support presentational hints (optional).

  • Support break-after, break-before and break-inside for pages and columns.

  • #384: Major performance boost.

Bux fixes:

  • #368: Respect white-space for shrink-to-fit.

  • #382: Fix the preferred width for column groups.

  • Handle relative boxes in column-layout boxes.


  • Add more and more documentation about Windows installation.

  • #355: Add fonts requirements for tests.

Version 0.31

Released on 2016-08-28.

New features:

  • #124: Add MIME sniffing for images.

  • #60: CSS Multi-column Layout.

  • #197: Add hyphens at line breaks activated by a soft hyphen.

Bux fixes:

  • #132: Fix Python 3 compatibility on Windows.


  • #329: Add documentation about installation on Windows.

Version 0.30

Released on 2016-07-18.

WeasyPrint now depends on html5lib-0.999999999.

Bux fixes:

  • Fix Acid2

  • #325: Cutting lines is broken in page margin boxes.

  • #334: Newest html5lib 0.999999999 breaks rendering.

Version 0.29

Released on 2016-06-17.

Bug fixes:

  • #263: Don’t crash with floats with percents in positions.

  • #323: Fix CairoSVG 2.0 pre-release dependency in Python 2.x.

Version 0.28

Released on 2016-05-16.

Bug fixes:

  • #189: white-space: nowrap still wraps on hyphens

  • #305: Fix crashes on some tables

  • Don’t crash when transform matrix isn’t invertible

  • Don’t crash when rendering ratio-only SVG images

  • Fix margins and borders on some tables

Version 0.27

Released on 2016-04-08.

New features:

  • #295: Support the ‘rem’ unit.

  • #299: Enhance the support of SVG images.

Bug fixes:

  • #307: Fix the layout of cells larger than their tables.


  • The website is now on GitHub Pages, the documentation is on Read the Docs.

  • #297: Rewrite the CSS chapter of the documentation.

Version 0.26

Released on 2016-01-29.

New features:

  • Support the empty-cells attribute.

  • Respect table, column and cell widths.

Bug fixes:

  • #172: Unable to set table column width on tables td’s.

  • #151: Table background colour bleeds beyond table cell boundaries.

  • #260: TypeError: unsupported operand type(s) for +: ‘float’ and ‘str’.

  • #288: Unwanted line-breaks in bold text.

  • #286: AttributeError: ‘Namespace’ object has no attribute ‘attachments’.

Version 0.25

Released on 2015-12-17.

New features:

  • Support the ‘q’ unit.

Bug fixes:

  • #285: Fix a crash happening when splitting lines.

  • #284: Escape parenthesis in PDF links.

  • #280: Replace utf8 with utf-8 for gettext/django compatibility.

  • #269: Add support for use when frozen.

  • #250: Don’t crash when attachments are not available.

Version 0.24

Released on 2015-08-04.

New features:

  • #174: Basic support for Named strings.

Bug fixes:

  • #207: Draw rounded corners on replaced boxes.

  • #224: Rely on the font size for rounding bug workaround.

  • #31: Honor the vertical-align property in fixed-height cells.

  • #202: Remove unreachable area/border at bottom of page.

  • #225: Don’t allow unknown units during line-height validation.

  • Fix some wrong conflict resolutions for table borders with inset and outset styles.

Version 0.23

Released on 2014-09-16.

Bug fixes:

  • #196: Use the default image sizing algorithm for images’s preferred size.

  • #194: Try more library aliases with dlopen().

  • #201: Consider page-break-after-avoid when pushing floats to the next page.

  • #217: Avoid a crash on zero-sized background images.

Release process:

  • Start testing on Python 3.4 on Travis-CI.

Version 0.22

Released on 2014-05-05.

New features:

  • #86: Support gzip and deflate encoding in HTTP responses

  • #177: Support for PDF attachments.

Bug fixes:

  • #169: Fix a crash on percentage-width columns in an auto-width table.

  • #168: Make <fieldset> a block in the user-agent stylesheet.

  • #175: Fix some dlopen() library loading issues on OS X.

  • #183: Break to the next page before a float that would overflow the page. (It might still overflow if it’s bigger than the page.)

  • #188: Require a recent enough version of Pyphen

Release process:

  • Drop Python 3.1 support.

  • Set up [Travis CI](http://travis-ci.org/) to automatically test all pushes and pull requests.

  • Start testing on Python 3.4 locally. (Travis does not support 3.4 yet.)

Version 0.21

Released on 2014-01-11.

New features:

  • Add the overflow-wrap property, allowing line breaks inside otherwise-unbreakable words. Thanks Frédérick Deslandes!

  • Add the image-resolution property, allowing images to be sized proportionally to their intrinsic size at a resolution other than 96 image pixels per CSS in (ie. one image pixel per CSS px)

Bug fixes:

  • #145: Fix parsing HTML from an HTTP URL on Python 3.x

  • #40: Use more general hyphenation dictionnaries for specific document languages. (E.g. use hyph_fr.dic for lang="fr_FR".)

  • #26: Fix min-width and max-width on floats.

  • #100: Fix a crash on trailing whitespace with font-size: 0

  • #82: Borders on tables with border-collapse: collapse were sometimes drawn at an incorrect position.

  • #30: Fix positioning of images with position: absolute.

  • #118: Fix a crash when using position: absolute inside a position: relative element.

  • Fix visibility: collapse to behave like visibility: hidden on elements other than table rows and table columns.

  • #147 and #153: Fix dependencies to require lxml 3.0 or a more recent version. Thanks gizmonerd and Thomas Grainger!

  • #152: Fix a crash on percentage-sized table cells in auto-sized tables. Thanks Johannes Duschl!

Version 0.20.2

Released on 2013-12-18.

  • Fix #146: don’t crash when drawing really small boxes with dotted/dashed borders

Version 0.20.1

Released on 2013-12-16.

  • Depend on html5lib >= 0.99 instead of 1.0b3 to fix pip 1.4 support.

  • Fix #74: don’t crash on space followed by dot at line break.

  • Fix #78: nicer colors for border-style: ridge/groove/inset/outset.

Version 0.20

Released on 2013-12-14.

  • Add support for border-radius.

  • Feature #77: Add PDF metadata from HTML.

  • Feature #12: Use html5lib.

  • Tables: handle percentages for column groups, columns and cells, and values for row height.

  • Bug fixes:

    • Fix #84: don’t crash when stylesheets are not available.

    • Fix #101: use page ids instead of page numbers in PDF bookmarks.

    • Use logger.warning instead of deprecated logger.warn.

    • Add ‘font-stretch’ in the ‘font’ shorthand.

Version 0.19.2

Released on 2013-06-18.

Bug fix release:

  • Fix #88: text-decoration: overline not being drawn above the text

  • Bug fix: Actually draw multiple lines when multiple values are given to text-decoration.

  • Use the font metrics for text decoration positioning.

  • Bug fix: Don’t clip the border with overflow: hidden.

  • Fix #99: Regression: JPEG images not loading with cairo 1.8.x.

Version 0.19.1

Released on 2013-04-30.

Bug fix release:

  • Fix incorrect intrinsic width calculation leading to unnecessary line breaks in floats, tables, etc.

  • Tweak border painting to look better

  • Fix unnecessary page break before big tables.

  • Fix table row overflowing at the bottom of the page when there are margins above the table.

  • Fix position: fixed to actually repeat on every page.

  • Fix #76: repeat <thead> and <tfoot> elements on every page, even with table border collapsing.

Version 0.19

Released on 2013-04-18.

  • Add support for linear-gradient() and radial-gradient in background images.

  • Add support for the ex and ch length units. (1ex is based on the font instead of being always 0.5em as before.)

  • Add experimental support for Level 4 hyphenation properties.

  • Drop support for CFFI < 0.6 and cairocffi < 0.4.

  • Many bug fixes, including:

  • Fix #54: min/max-width/height on block-level images.

  • Fix #71: Crash when parsing nested functional notation.

Version 0.18

Released on 2013-03-30.

  • Add support for Level 3 backgrounds, including multiple background layers per element/box.

  • Forward-compatibility with (future releases of) cairocffi 0.4+ and CFFI 0.6+.

  • Bug fixes:

    • Avoid some unnecessary line breaks for elements sized based on their content (aka. “shrink-to-fit”) such as floats and page headers.

    • Allow page breaks between empty blocks.

    • Fix #66: Resolve images’ auto width from non-auto height and intrinsic ratio.

    • Fix #21: The data: URL scheme is case-insensitive.

    • Fix #53: Crash when backtracking for break-before/after: avoid.

Version 0.17.1

Released on 2013-03-18.

Bug fixes:

  • Fix #41: GObject initialization when GDK-PixBuf is not installed.

  • Fix #42: absolute URLs without a base URL (ie. document parsed from a string.)

  • Fix some whitespace collapsing bugs.

  • Fix absolutely-positioned elements inside inline elements.

  • Fix URL escaping of image references from CSS.

  • Fix #49: Division by 0 on dashed or dotted border smaller than one dot/dash.

  • Fix #44: bad interaction of page-break-before/after: avoid and floats.

Version 0.17

Released on 2013-02-27.

  • Added text hyphenation with the -weasy-hyphens property.

  • When a document includes JPEG images, embed them as JPEG in the PDF output. This often results in smaller PDF file size compared to the default deflate compression.

  • Switched to using CFFI instead of PyGTK or PyGObject-introspection.

  • Layout bug fixes:

    • Correctly trim whitespace at the end of lines.

    • Fix some cases with floats within inline content.

Version 0.16

Released on 2012-12-13.

  • Add the zoom parameter to HTML.write_pdf() and Document.write_pdf()

  • Fix compatibility with old (and buggy) pycairo versions. WeasyPrint is now tested on 1.8.8 in addition to the latest.

  • Fix layout bugs related to line trailing spaces.

Version 0.15

Released on 2012-10-09.

  • Add a low-level API that enables painting pages individually on any cairo surface.

  • Backward-incompatible change: remove the HTML.get_png_pages() method. The new low-level API covers this functionality and more.

  • Add support for the font-stretch property.

  • Add support for @page:blank to select blank pages.

  • New Sphinx-based and improved docs

  • Bug fixes:

    • Importing Pango in some PyGTK installations.

    • Layout of inline-blocks with vertical-align: top or bottom.

    • Do not repeat a block’s margin-top or padding-top after a page break.

    • Performance problem with large tables split across many pages.

    • Anchors and hyperlinks areas now follow CSS transforms. Since PDF links have to be axis-aligned rectangles, the bounding box is used. This may be larger than expected with rotations that are not a multiple of 90 degrees.

Version 0.14

Released on 2012-08-03.

  • Add a public API to choose media type used for @media. (It still defaults to print). Thanks Chung Lu!

  • Add --base-url and --resolution to the command-line API, making it as complete as the Python one.

  • Add support for the <base href="..."> element in HTML.

  • Add support for CSS outlines

  • Switch to gdk-pixbuf instead of Pystacia for loading raster images.

  • Bug fixes:

    • Handling of filenames and URLs on Windows

    • Unicode filenames with older version of py2cairo

    • base_url now behaves as expected when set to a directory name.

    • Make some tests more robust

Version 0.13

Released on 2012-07-23.

  • Add support for PyGTK, as an alternative to PyGObject + introspection. This should make WeasyPrint easier to run on platforms that not not have packages for PyGObject 3.x yet.

  • Bug fix: crash in PDF outlines for some malformed HTML documents

Version 0.12

Released on 2012-07-19.

  • Add support for collapsed borders on tables. This is currently incompatible with repeating header and footer row groups on each page: headers and footers are treated as normal row groups on table with border-collapse: collapse.

  • Add url_fetcher to the public API. This enables users to hook into WeasyPrint for fetching linked stylesheets or images, eg. to generate them on the fly without going through the network. This enables the creation of Flask-WeasyPrint.

Version 0.11

Released on 2012-07-04.

  • Add support for floats and clear. Together with various bug fixes, this enables WeasyPrint to pass the Acid2 test! Acid2 is now part of our automated test suite.

  • Add support for the width, min-width, max-width, height, min-height and max-height properties in @page. The size property is now the size of the page’s containing block.

  • Switch the Variable Dimension rules to the new proposal. The previous implementation was broken in many cases.

  • The image-rendering, transform, transform-origin and size properties are now unprefixed. The prefixed form (eg. -weasy-size) is ignored but gives a specific warning.

Version 0.10

Released on 2012-06-25.

  • Add get_png_pages() to the public API. It returns each page as a separate PNG image.

  • Add a resolution parameter for PNG.

  • Add WeasyPrint Navigator, a web application that shows WeasyPrint’s output with clickable links. Yes, that’s a browser in your browser. Start it with python -m weasyprint.navigator

  • Add support for vertical-align: top and vertical-align: bottom

  • Add support for page-break-before: avoid and page-break-after: avoid

  • Bug fixes

Version 0.9

Released on 2012-06-04.

  • Relative, absolute and fixed positioning

  • Proper painting order (z-index)

  • In PDF: support for internal and external hyperlinks as well as bookmarks.

  • Added the tree parameter to the HTML class: accepts a parsed lxml object.

  • Bug fixes, including many crashes.

Bookmarks can be controlled by the -weasy-bookmark-level and -weasy-bookmark-label properties, as described in CSS Generated Content for Paged Media Module.

The default UA stylesheet sets a matching bookmark level on all <h1> to <h6> elements.

Version 0.8

Released on 2012-05-07.

  • Switch from cssutils to tinycss as the CSS parser.

  • Switch to the new cssselect, almost all level 3 selectors are supported now.

  • Support for inline blocks and inline tables

  • Automatic table layout (column widths)

  • Support for the min-width, max-width, min-height and max-height properties, except on table-related and page-related boxes.

  • Speed improvements on big stylesheets / small documents thanks to tinycss.

  • Many bug fixes

Version 0.7.1

Released on 2012-03-21.

Change the license from AGPL to BSD.

Version 0.7

Released on 2012-03-21.

  • Support page breaks between table rows

  • Support for the orphans and widows properties.

  • Support for page-break-inside: avoid

  • Bug fixes

Only avoiding page breaks before/after an element is still missing.

Version 0.6.1

Released on 2012-03-01.

Fix a packaging bug. (Remove use_2to3 in setup.py. We use the same codebase for Python 2 and 3.)

Version 0.6

Released on 2012-02-29.

  • Backward incompatible: completely change the Python API. See the documentation: http://weasyprint.org/using/#as-a-python-library

  • Backward incompatible: Proper margin collapsing. This changes how blocks are rendered: adjoining margins “collapse” (their maximum is used) instead of accumulating.

  • Support images in embed or object elements.

  • Switch to pystacia instead of PIL for raster images

  • Add compatibility with CPython 2.6 and 3.2. (Previously only 2.7 was supported)

  • Many bug fixes

Version 0.5

Released on 2012-02-08.

  • Support for the overflow and clip properties.

  • Support for the opacity property from CSS3 Colors.

  • Support for CSS 2D Transforms. These are prefixed, so you need to use -weasy-transform and -weasy-transform-origin.

Version 0.4

Released on 2012-02-07.

  • Support text-align: justify, word-spacing and letter-spacing.

  • Partial support for CSS3 Paged Media: page size and margin boxes with page-based counters.

  • All CSS 2.1 border styles

  • Fix SVG images with non-pixel units. Requires CairoSVG 0.3

  • Support for page-break-before and page-break-after, except for the value avoid.

  • Support for the background-clip, background-origin and background-size from CSS3 (but still with a single background per element)

  • Support for the image-rendering from SVG. This one is prefixed, use -weasy-image-rendering. It only has an effect on PNG output.

Version 0.3.1

Released on 2011-12-14.

Compatibility with CairoSVG 0.1.2

Version 0.3

Released on 2011-12-13.

  • Backward-incompatible change: the ‘size’ property is now prefixed (since it is in an experimental specification). Use ‘-weasy-size’ instead.

  • cssutils 0.9.8 or higher is now required.

  • Support SVG images with CairoSVG

  • Support generated content: the :before and :after pseudo-elements, the content, quotes and counter-* properties.

  • Support ordered lists: all CSS 2.1 values of the list-style-type property.

  • New user-agent stylesheet with HTML 5 elements and automatic quotes for many languages. Thanks Peter Moulder!

  • Disable cssutils validation warnings, they are redundant with WeasyPrint’s.

  • Add --version to the command-line script.

  • Various bug fixes

Version 0.2

Released on 2011-11-25.

  • Support for tables.

  • Support the box-sizing property from CSS 3 Basic User Interface

  • Support all values of vertical-align except top and bottom. They are interpreted as text-top and text-bottom.

  • Minor bug fixes

Tables have some limitations: Only the fixed layout and separate border model are supported. There are also no page break inside tables so a table higher than a page will overflow.

Version 0.1

Released on 2011-10-28.

First packaged release. Supports “simple” CSS 2.1 pages: there is no support for floats, tables, or absolute positioning. Other than that most of CSS 2.1 is supported, as well as CSS 3 Colors and Selectors.